Open gunfire in an elementary school with Cassidy 'Trouble' Michaels around and you better run. Run for the hills, but don't leave tracks and don't take time to look back. She will track you down, send you to the pen, and throw away the key. You never know when she might strike because adventures and mishaps ambush her as well, but eventually, when you are not expecting it, she will catch up and when she does she arrives with force... the entire police force.
Geocaching (jee-oh-kash-ing) noun. The act of using a GPS receiver to locate hidden containers. A hobby, similar to a treasure hunt, using technological advancements to guide the way. Using military satellites to find cheap toys and trinkets. A hobby in which people accidentally find beauty, adventure, and sometimes love while purposely searching for containers hidden in odd places. Gwendolyn Amelia Brody is about to learn exactly what geocaching is. And Tony Van Yancy is just the right man to teach her.
Cassidy Callahan uses her tracking talents for good, but sometimes doing a good job has bad consequences. Follow Cassidy through more crazy adventures as she helps Rusty Michaels bring in a serisl killer, deals with tigers, feral dogs and rattlesnakes. Car troubles abound as she sets her sights on Police Reserve Academy. Cassidy does her best to enter the world of the Joshua Hills Search and Rescue organtization, but will she graduate or become Tyrone Trent's next victim?
A cache of trouble lies hidden in the woods near Cassidy's canyon hideaway. The stash of banknotes has turned a greedy man to the wrong side of the law. With Cassidy in the mix, even the local search and rescue is drawn into the hunt. Will Cassidy live to see her wedding day? Will this be a cache of trouble, or the catch of Trouble? And by whom?
Two Cassidy Adventures in one volume! A Pit of Trouble: How do you meet your new neighbors? Bring them a plate of cookies? Not Cassidy. She can't do anything without falling into  either adventure or trouble, and meeting her neighbors is no different. Newly married and finding her way around her new neighborhood, Cassidy meets both adventure and danger as she follows a famous nature photographer on his quest for the Island Fox and later meets up with canines of a different sort. A pit of trouble might be more than Cassidy can handle. And in the same volume: Merry Troubled Christmas: What do you do when you make a promise to a child? You keep it, that's what. When that child takes after his trouble-magnet Aunt Cassidy, a visit from a nephew can be quite an adventure. Throw in the snowstorm of the century and a little undercover work, and Cassidy's Christmas takes a humorous and harrowing turn for the worse.
Join Cassidy Callahan in a three part tracking adventure with trouble at every turn. In Part 1, Trouble Time, all Cassidy wants to do is get her life back on track, but it seems an impossible task when she gets carjacked at gunpoint. In Part 2, Trouble Tracker, Cassidy's friend, detective Rusty Michaels, needs her help in tracking down a forest ranger who went missing on a routine maintenance hike. Cassidy finds more trouble than she bargained for in her hike into the rough and sometimes dangerous woods of Southern California. In Part 3, Trouble Target, it seems like one problem just leads to another. Drug lord Mario Peccati takes the raid on his operation personally. When he terrorizes Cassidy's family and friends, she knows there is only one solution. She must face Peccati on his own turf, with his rules. Cassidy is going to need all her wiles and skills just to stay alive as she becomes the hunted, with a hunter who knows no mercy.
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Cassidy is a tracker and outdoors woman. The books follow her adventures as she becomes involved in tracking for the Joshua Hills Search and Rescue. Working with the police and fire dpeartments puts her in contact with some unsavory characters and Cassidy, being a trouble magnet, becomes involved in some crazy adventures. The books follow Cassidy's life and begin with her life after leaving the ranch she grew up on.
Kelly Rysten
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Geogirl is a novel separate from the Cassidy Callahan Adventures. In this book Gwendolyn Brody is a college student at Franklinburg University and summer vacation is coming up. When a friend invites her to go with him to participate in a geocaching contest Gwendolyn jumps at the chance to do something besides going home, and working the summer at a fast food joint. It doesn't take her long to find more adventures that she thought possible while looking for hidden geocaches. Follow Gwen and Tony on a rollicking fun adventure across the U.S.