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Photo Gallery
Kelly taking pictures of the dragon for the cover of Geogirl.
We took lots of pictures of the dragon in various "dragon houses" that we found while geocaching.
Gary and I at my one and only book signing at It's a Grind.
These are the girls who worked at the coffee shop the day of my book signing.
The following are pictures we took while geocaching. Many of the caches in Geogirl were inspired by caches we found in person so here are a few of those.
Two dragons showed up to try out for the front cover of Geogirl. The white one was beautiful but the red one fit the part better.
We really did find a geocache in an ATM and we really did have to resort to an online video of how to open a bank vault.
An old fire tower we found a cache at. I have to admit the refrigerator in the book actually came from my father in law's old farm house. I opened that "cupboard" door and asked why it had slats in the shelves. This was when I learned about old fashioned refirgerators where they just stick a block of ice in and the chimney effect brings the cold air up through the slats. But, hey, fire towers can have refrigerators, too, right?
A cache under a mall? Yes! And it was wet down there. The cache was different from the one in the book, but the story of the hunt was very similar.
The graffitt filled tunnel. And yes, there were crawdads floating in the water.
We see mice every once in a while, mostly in tunnels. So is this a minor miner mouse?
One of many tunnels we have explored.