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About the Author
I guess I was bound to write books eventually. The oldest child of a librarian and a teacher, I was encouraged in any creative endevors and books were a constant in my life. The whole time I was growing up it was my dad that was the librarian and my mom who was the teacher but it was not always that way. They started out the other way around. When we lived in Florida my dad taught at the University of Florida. He taught foreign languages, math and English classes but teaching didn't really suit him so he got a degree in library science. Most of the time I remember he was the reference librarian for New Mexico State University's library. I would hang out there reading horse and dog books, using the typewriters to create pictures and xeroxing my face and other body parts wasting paper and toner. Hey, I was a kid. I didn't know xerox machines took money to maintain. When I was bored with the usual activities I would watch the long line at my father's desk. Occasionally I' d ask a student what they were looking for and every once in a while I was able to help them. It seemed kind of strange for an eight year old girl to be helping a university student find their way through the library, but I grew up in that library. I knew the library better than I knew the town I lived in.

I graduated from Las Cruces Highschool and, since my father worked for the university I was naturally enmrolled in the university as well. I had no idea what I wanted to study. Like Gwendolyn in the book Geogirl, I changed my major just about every semester. First I wanted to be an English teacher, then a marine biologist. Next I thought being a forest ranger would be exciting. I took any beginning class searching for a subject I wanted to learn more about. I did eventually find a subject I wanted to learn more about. It was a young man in a backpacking class. New Mexico State University had non tradional classes during the summer and my brother and I enrolled in the backpacking class for something to do. Gary took the class to learn about the backpacking oportunities of southern New Mexico. The class took several backpacking trips and finished the class with a five mile backpacking trip into the Gila Wilderness. This is when Gary and I were able to talk and get to know each other better. We got married the June after we met and backpacking and camping were very much a part of our early married life. We had two children, and my hobbies broadened to sewing, quilting, painting, and just about any craft you can think of. The kids entered school and graduate from high school and it seemed I had exhausted every craft hobby known to man. I was bored. The kids were gone. What could I do to occupy my mind? I tried looking for a job and landed a temporary one. I helped my daughter buy her first car and thought again. What exactly did I want to be when I grew up? It was right about then that I thought writing a book was a cheap way to occupy myself and so I began thinking of a character who could have lots of adventures. She had to be someone like me, so I could write, at least a little, from experience. And so Cassidy was born. It took me a few weeks to write Triple Trouble becuase I was so full of ideas that they just flowed out my finger tips. That's how most of my writing occurs. Sometimes my fingers write things and I have to stop and question what they are doing. But then I read what they wrote and it makes sense and I have to give them an awful lot of credit. My fingers write more than any conscious brain activity contripbutes, which I do not understand at all, yet I cannot argue with reults. Books flow out of my fingers and onto the screen. I wrote 18 Cassidy books on my computer and finally I allowed my dad to read one. He asked for another and another and one by one he read eightteen of them. H e wanted me to pursue publication of them , and so when he passed away suddenly I decided I would give the books a try. So here I am, my computer full of books, and one at a time they reach the printed world of the published book.

If you read one of my books please consider leaving a book review at Barnes and Noble's web site or It helps alot. And if you enjoy them please tell a friend about them. I have no way to promote my books. They are simply out there fir the discovering.

This is the real me, just out geocaching. Inside the geocaches are odd litle trinkets. From this cache I traded for a little horse to put in the toy bins for my grandkids.